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Certfication of Application & Photographs

All photographs submitted with an Application become the property of the Government of Jamaica.

Applicants are required to submit two (2) identical copies of a professionally produced photograph taken not more than six months prior to the application, with the following specifications:

  • Photographs are not to be stapled to the application form
  • The photographs should be taken in colour, against an off-white or cream background
  • There should be no background shadows
  • Photographs should provide a full frontal view of the head, neck and top of the shoulders with ears clearly visible
  • The applicant should wear no head covering while taking the photograph except where required for religious purposes
  • Applicants who wear headgear for religious reasons must indicate their religion
  • The size of the face should be 25mm to 35mm, from the chin to top of head
  • When the photograph is cut to a size of about 35mm, there should be a margin of 3mm to 4mm between the head and the edge of the photograph

The application and one (1) photograph must be certified by one of the following persons:

  • Notary Public with valid commission
  • Jamaican Consular Officer
  • Jamaican Honorary Consul
  • Minister of Religion authorized to perform marriages
  • Medical Doctor
  • Attorney-at-Law

The official who certifies the application is also required to certify the reverse side of one photograph of the applicant, with the following inscription above his/her signature:

"I certify that this is a true photograph of ................"
(Insert applicant's name)

  • No Stamp or Embossed Seal should be affixed to photographs
  • Photocopies of documents will not be accepted. All original documents will be returned
  • Personal cheques will not be accepted. Fees should be remitted by Money Order or Certified Cheque payable to The Embassy of Jamaica

Application Forms

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