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Information for Jamaican Citizens

The Embassy of Jamaica offers a range of consular services to Jamaicans living and travelling in the United States. While our services principally focus on the provision of official travel documents, such as passports, consular personnel also offer information and assistance in a range of other essential areas.

In addition to providing information relating to accessing and replacing official records, such as birth and marriage certificates, Jamaican citizens who are in the process of returning to the country can also be availed with valuable information from our consular office.

Jamaican citizens residing in the United States as well as Jamaicans at home are strongly advised when traveling to have in their possession an insurance policy identity card or proof of such insurance in the event of a medical emergency. There have been instances when Jamaican visitors to the United States have been in need of special medical assistance. While the Jamaican mission may be of some help in providing referrals to medical facilities or medical personnel in the United States, it is the responsibility of the traveler to make necessary arrangements for payment of expenses to a hospital or other facility.

Information relating to Citizenship

Information for Returning Residents Booklet

Information On Visa Requirements

Commonwealth - Alien Visa Country Listing

Affidavit of Identity

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