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Obtaining Jamaican Citizenship

The Citizenship (Constitutional Amendment) Act 1993 provides as follows:

  • Persons born outside of Jamaica can now claim Jamaican Citizenship through either Jamaican parent
  • Men married to Jamaican women are now entitled to apply for registration as citizens of Jamaica

The Jamaican Nationality (Amendment) Act (Annex V) provides as follows:

  • A non-Jamaican child who is adopted can claim Jamaican Citizenship through either the adopted father or mother
  • Jamaican Citizens who had renounced their Citizenship can apply to have it restored by applying to the Minister of National Security and Justice

Naturalization/ Citizenship

Applications for naturalization should be directed to the:

Ministry of National Security
12 Ocean Boulevard
Kingston Mall
Jamaica, WI

The Minister of National Security can grant certificates of naturalization as provided by the Jamaican Nationality Act of 1962. Prospective applicants must therefore satisfy the following specific criteria:

  • Residence in Jamaica for the 12-month period immediately preceding the date of the application
  • During the seven years immediately preceding this 12-month period, residence in Jamaica for a total period of not less than 4 years
  • Stated intent to reside in Jamaica if naturalization is granted

Further qualifications include moral and social considerations such as:

  • Good character
  • Involvement in society
  • Contribution to society
  • Financial standing
  • By descent

Citizenship by Marriage

A fee of seven thousand dollars (J$7,000) is required. Payment of the fee should be made by international money order. It is advisable that all applicants contact the Ministry of National Security to ascertain whether there have been changes to the processing fees.

Applications for citizenship by marriage should be directed to:

Ministry of National Security
Immigration, Citizenship & Passport Division
25 Constant Spring Road
Kingston 10, Jamaica
Tel: 876-906-1497/4474

Application Forms

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